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Monday, September 22, 2008

Re-Package it !

The question is ‘Do you like sunflower seed?’. 

Nope, let’s change the question...’Do you ever eat sunflower seed?’. Many people doesn’t even know what is that…(I’m hyperbolized it, of course). Sunflower seed is delicious. But most people will buy it because they already like it. They just see the sunflower seeds, not the packaging (sure, they don’t eat the packaging). But guess what? Packaging is like an SPG, beautiful SPG will get many customer. Time to re-design packaging…
TJHIA TJHIA Sunflower seeds is one of the sunflower seeds product. Actually, I already like the packaging (so why I re-packaged it???). The sunflower seeds are big and sweet...but I'm not gonna talking about that. The packaging was a pillow shape with a recycle paper. Though it has too many words (because the nutrition information are in 3 languages), but the layout is nice.

So. This is the re-design... made it from Artpaper with an old paper texture print and red sticker glossy lamination. I had search for it in many where, but I just found it in Angkasa Putra Digital Offset that time. 'Miss...we just have A2 sticker for printing...and it cost Rp70.000,00. with Rp15.000,00 of lamination glossy ...', said the man. I'm broke. I just want A5 and must print it in A2...
On the next day, I went to Print+, which near from my campus to print the concepts, and was shocked... 'Yes, we can print it in A5 sticker paper...', said the woman.
Life is cruel, friend...


dheaditya's said...


tri karya kamu oke-oke.lhoo..

mau dong di editinnnn..


dhejih segera tandang kerumahmu!

Astri Lestari said...


foto2mu jg lucu
pengen gw borong smuaa

ntar klo k rmh gw bayar pake ayam goreng

deszya yulian said...

3... tolong bikinin gw bungkus kado selucu bungkus kuaci kamu, dong.

trus nanti gw masuk & membungkus diri gw tiap gw keluar rumah. hehe. kemana aja 3, ga pernah online lg? sibuk ya mengejar impian? LOL

Gredinov Sumanta Malsad said...

buatan sendiri?
kamu anak DP ya?

Astri Lestari said...

echa: brpacu dgn waktu euy.HHuuhhuuu ingin libur!
lha cha...ngapain toh bungkus diri?? ntar muka chantix ny g kliataan(rayu on)

gredinov:anak DKP(nyunda amet) tp ambil elektif packaging :D
iyah bkn ada yg salah tempel tuuuhhh d bawah bunga...

Anonymous said...

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