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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Surrealism Photography

My digital photography assignment…was a montage. Thanks to the angel who saved my life(yes, I live around the angels), Andi for borrowing me his camera :D Well. This is ‘Seniman dari Mimpi’. Simple concept, just about creativity(though I made a very long essay about it…lol). I made the ‘invisible man’ and the model(waw) are Andi and Unang (thanks to you two!).
The idea came when they were having a painting minor class. So they don't have to pose for it(except Unang who has a very high awareness of the camera). The backgrounds are a mixing landscape of trees and clouds, editing in Photoshop, captured by a pocket camera last year.
So if you had addlebrained, open your eyes and look around you. There are many things that you never recognize are very extracting and possible to give you inspirations.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

still life photography

Digital Photography always makes me panic... 1.because I don't have a digital camera 2.because I'm very inexpert in taking a picture -_-;
The fifth project in my class was a still life monochrome-black and white photo. I fell asleep and passed the class (as usual), so I didn't know what the task was about until the next day. I had 2days to give the photos for ACC. ops... I won't make it.
So I opened my last year photo files on my computer, and edited it in Photoshop into black and white. The picture above is from my project in fourth semester, took with AE1 Canon analog camera, while the other one was taking with pocket camera...
If you didn't have enough time for your project, open your own work files and look if it can be used for the new project. Don't ever crossed in your mind to use somebody else work except for montage :P 

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Best Songs When Rain...

Choose. CD packaging or Chocolate packaging?
CD, of course, mam...,said I

This project was a hell(hell yes I always said that). I thought I wasn't gonna make it on time. But thanks to my friends, Cheta and Dhejih, GOD sent them to my house on Tuesday to help me...;D
This is an easy listening compilation, BEST SONGS WHEN RAIN. A compilation that really nice to be heard when rain comes. Contains 4cds: oldies, now, asian, and instrument. Target markets are teenagers and old people.

I bought a new umbrella, cut the stem with an insult... stabbed it onto the box...simply just because I used the rain theme, and it makes it easier to be carried…
I used black linen, carton, artpaper, transparent sticker, silver paper, and of course, the umbrella stem :P