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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Tree's Untold Story

It’s not DigiTree, but I still use tree for my identity. The final project of Typography2 was a story about the positive and negative things of us. So I named it ‘The Tree’s Untold Story’. It’s the best and the worst me ;D and because I’m just like a two eyed sword it make me easier to described myself (too simple to live, said my friend).
It contained each six characteristic, so I had to make 12 characteristic. The media was a 27x13.5 cm matte paper printed in Print+,  folded into two so I can have a little book of typography about myself.

First and second page are about myself universally. I made a contrast between left page and right page as for the good side and the bad side. In left, I used a soft color for describing my feminine side. In right, I used a strong color for describing my masculine ways.

I'm a cheerful person and always try to make anybody I cared smiles. There's a self pleasure and joy for me doing that. So don't get mistaken me as an angel ;D. When I'm in a bad day, I prefer to be alone. Showing my ugly bad mood face is not my hobby, precisely.

I'm an easy-going type. Never take a problems too much to my life. I don't like confrontation. I don't like to get angry. So better don't make me. Really hate the one who did it.

I'm an honest person. Is that a good thing? Well, in my experience, I think it's not.

I'm a hardworking, almost workaholic. Especially when I'm doing my interest subject. Prefer to be alone in front of my computer than to eat with my family (pardon me). But when I'm in my laziness mode, I locks my room and hibernate.

I'll be happy to try my best to give anything to my beloved ones. It's because they have my trust. If they lose it, doubt they'll have it back.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blender Short Advertisement

On the fourth semester I took a 3D subject. With my error brain, it was a gambling because actually 3D subject is on the fifth semester, and I didn’t know if I could handle it or not. Thanks to my teacher who always have a patience for the student like me :D.
3D is very interesting. The class was so exciting. For the friendship of hardships…tears some blood…(I can go for more, but my friend is slapping me right now)
One semester, and without an invitation (surely we don’t have to take it home too), the final project came. It’s a 20minutes animation. I’m dead. No, I’m not really dead. Though I had turned like a zombie, I’m still alive, and definitely there’s no time to die that time.
My teacher told me not to take it as a burden. So I think I’ll just make something I like. It’s a short advertisement of self promotion. Of course with the same theme as before. So I started to search a tutorials ‘how to grow the tree’ in Blender, which we used for make a 3D.
I finished the Blender at 2.00AM. Gone to bed while waiting for the rendering and woke up at 7.00 AM and it STILL NOT done, not even a half-done. I had to give the files at 3.00 PM. So I tried to rendering it again in the other computer without an ambient occlusion. It turned darker, but it's done.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DigiTree Portfolio

This is my final computer project on my third semester. By using Flash program it’s kind of self promotion. Not really to ‘sell’ myself as a designer tough it’s simpler than that. But it contains my projects on my 3 semesters in Maranatha. So I better called it Portfolio.
I chose the ‘DigiTree’ for my theme. ‘Digi’ is from ‘digital’ and ‘Tree’ is from the spell of my name. A little narcist. Actually as a designer, I want to be known as a designer who can use whether it’s by a media digital helping or manual work. So I chose a digital to describe the modern designer and I chose the tree as a natural word for manual because all tools we use in manual work is came from nature.
Programming by Flash is quiet simple if we knew the design, though it really turned me into madness. I starred the timeline that had to be more than a hundred if I’m not wrong, just to make the ‘sparkle things’. And I made a wrong codes so the program didn't work (definitely my mistake). The presentation was the day after and I decided to commit a suicide until my mother came home and said that there was an ice cream for me. Sure, why not?
So. It was the day. I didn’t rest. I didn’t eat (except the ice cream). But for God’s sake, I took a bath. I was the last person to present my project and thank God there was no question (still don’t know if it's because they really don’t have an idea about what I’m presenting about or it’s because they were to be about to die in cause of hunger or sleepy, just like me). Miserable. My teacher and his friend (who is a teacher too) gave me some advice. Wow cool, they can see all my mistakes ('all' means 'all my presentation' -_-). But after that, it was a relieved thing. Gotta fix it first, actually…