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Sunday, April 5, 2009

ArtChipelago Indinesia!

One of the ArtChipelago’s project, India mixed Indonesia. I made some illustration for it, using the story of Dropadi, woman who married the Pandawa 5. The original story, Mahabaratha came from India. And it blended with the Indonesia culture when the foreign trader came to Indonesia.
I mixed the pattern of those two country. One is ‘batik’, from Indonesia, and the other is ‘parsley’, from India. The woman in the middle is Dropadi (in my imagination). The color of her copped skin, type of face, and the red mark in her forehead show that she is an Indian. I think exotic is the characteristic of India. The woman, the culture, the legend, all of it. So I chose a colors that can express to it.

The other illustration are Dropadi, with her 5 husbands. Dropadi is a very beautiful woman, attracting with a very high sex appeal. The polyandry she did with Yudhistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa is a part of Mahabaratha story. Their hands are blue, for stabilized the red color of Dropadi’s hair (which known as a princess of fire), also because after the Pandawa 5 died, they became a goddess, which often described has blue skin.
The media is pencil color, in an A4 drawing paper. 100% handmade. The references I’ve got are from Wikipedia, or other site I’ve searched in Google and some books.