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Monday, September 22, 2008

Re-Package it !

The question is ‘Do you like sunflower seed?’. 

Nope, let’s change the question...’Do you ever eat sunflower seed?’. Many people doesn’t even know what is that…(I’m hyperbolized it, of course). Sunflower seed is delicious. But most people will buy it because they already like it. They just see the sunflower seeds, not the packaging (sure, they don’t eat the packaging). But guess what? Packaging is like an SPG, beautiful SPG will get many customer. Time to re-design packaging…
TJHIA TJHIA Sunflower seeds is one of the sunflower seeds product. Actually, I already like the packaging (so why I re-packaged it???). The sunflower seeds are big and sweet...but I'm not gonna talking about that. The packaging was a pillow shape with a recycle paper. Though it has too many words (because the nutrition information are in 3 languages), but the layout is nice.

So. This is the re-design... made it from Artpaper with an old paper texture print and red sticker glossy lamination. I had search for it in many where, but I just found it in Angkasa Putra Digital Offset that time. 'Miss...we just have A2 sticker for printing...and it cost Rp70.000,00. with Rp15.000,00 of lamination glossy ...', said the man. I'm broke. I just want A5 and must print it in A2...
On the next day, I went to Print+, which near from my campus to print the concepts, and was shocked... 'Yes, we can print it in A5 sticker paper...', said the woman.
Life is cruel, friend...

New iPod Touch Limited Edition???

It's New iPod Touch Limited Edition! Just my hope... DKV mayor 3 project 2 was making casing design and layout magazine advertising(am I right?Looks like I'm, never mind). I chose iPod Touch's casing, therefore I just have to make the back side of it (yes cheating).
The Theme is DigiTree (again and again). It's technology concept for black casing and natural for red casing. The black one is for men, and the other one is for female.
I used Corel draw 5%, blender 3D 10%, and Photoshop 85%... Context family for fonts and minimized the layout..

Thursday, September 11, 2008

10 Pills of Life

10 Pills of Life was my Final project of Book Design. Because it was a final deadline time for every subject, I did it in rush and it had a lot of mistakes here and there. Well it finished in time by the way…

Actually, I don’t really know what kind of book I made. It’s kind of prescription for heart medicine. I don’t talk about the liver, surely. I share some of my experience in this book. Just a simple way to makes us feel happy. It is how you realize that you are a happy person.

enjoy and be happy :)

First Impression about Blender?

First project in Blender 3D was like a hell. It seems like everyone in my class understand easily while I just sitting with a 'blank mode'. Lucky, my class was full of angels(lol). I doubt I could finished this subject without them... :D
So. If you are freshmen in Blender, don't be shy to ask some friends or teachers (don't be shy if you look like a dumb...). Studying together is always better than studying alone if you really don't have a clue about what you have to do. It makes you smarter, it makes you have a lot of friends...